Pixel Art - Color by Number App Reviews

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Updated to death

App use to work great. Developer made a bunch of changes to the app and now it’s buggy and freezes every time. About to delete.

I Loved it, but

For 15.99 a month, why am I seeing adds? Deleting my subscription and the app.

What happened to 3D pictures??

Ummm where have the 3D pictures gone?? I love those!! Bring them back!!

It’s fun but it might need a few changes

It is very good app you guys should try it 🙂 but you have to pay for some stuff but it is cool! You can take a picture of yourself and color yourself! It is fun!LOL!!😂😘🤗🤩

Please put the color bomb things back where they were!

Love the app- very relaxing & fun to see all the different photos. Don’t like the update that moved the color bomb things- please put them back on a separate spot like they were before!!!

I could play all the time

If I could i would play every day but I’m very busy

Enjoy the app, but fix the battery issue!

I really enjoy using this app, it’s almost relaxing to just do a mindless task. However, the app KILLS my battery and heats up my phone. Please fix this issue!

Gets Very Laggy Very Quickly

I love almost everything about this app. A lot of the pictures are very detailed, and it’s one of the only coloring apps I’ve seen that allows you to watch a video to get the premium pictures. If I love it so much, why am I giving it one star, then? The lag. It’s extremely bad. It happens very quickly, usually when I’m in the middle of my 2nd picture since opening the app. The game freezes, and I often end up tapping wrong squares because of the delayed response. It’s gotten so bad that I had to delete the app, because it eventually became unplayable. Please fix the lag issue I’m having, I will definitely get the game again when it’s fixed!

Pixel art

It is fun to color and addicting to do I love it I like for the locks to be free because I love to color.

Touch screen problem

I love the app, but after a bit the touchscreen stops responding


App runs slow most of the time and freezes. I am constantly having to force stop the app and reopen it just to color a few minutes more.

Put Back The Double Rows of COLOR!!!!!

Love the app! Helps me relax but this new update with the one row of colors is annoying when you 25+ colors to swipe thru! Want the double row of colors! And that extra bonus stuff with the bomb of colors is useless when you don’t have any to use! Please put back the double row of colors!!!!!!!!!


This is so fun I can do this all day

Thanks for the new update but...

The bugs that came with the update before this one weren’t all the way fixed—it still gets pretty laggy which makes it difficult to color for long periods of time. Also, I want my two rows of colors back please! It feels like I’m constantly swiping for colors now, and it’s pretty annoying. If a picture had 50 colors, you’d have to swipe back and forth so many times, almost endlessly. The boosts were already in a pretty handy place and I want my double rows of color left. You should have options in the settings for what we want the pixels to look like. I miss the old style and every time you guys say you’re “improving the design” it just kinda makes them worse. Also, why can Apple users see locked pictures but Samsung users can’t? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Samsung users should be able to see what the locked pictures are too, so they know what they are unlocking when watching an ad.

App charged me

I did not sign up to buy any merchandise or services from this app but yet they keep charging me $8 like every month for some kind of premium membership?? Def didn’t sign up for anything that costs money.. I don’t even have the app anymore and I’m still being charged

Great app

This is really great! I love playing it and the only thing I would say is having only 4 colors available on the screen is annoying. Go back to the color layout before with the bombs on their own page. We don’t need those. 😉 other than that great job and the new one looks clean

Love it

I do have three suggestions to help make it better. 1) when I delete a finished art it takes me up to the most resent. I suggest that your place in the list is preserved as you delete your old arts-or allow for multiple selections to mass delete. 2) I’m fairly sure it is this app that is doing this but my phone gets bogged down and lags greatly after playing this for 10-15 minutes. Resetting the app doesn’t always seem fix it. 3) There are a couple arts in my collection that are in perpetual loading. Make it so we can delete those



Loved it at first

Not sure what’s going on with it but for the last 3 weeks it has been freezing and glitching every time I try to use it. I got so annoyed I deleted it.


All other pixel art games make your only option for getting locked art and to get more things to help you color is to pay with real money but instead this game gives you another option to watch a short add. Also the game runs smoothly. Great game. 👍

New Update

I LOVE this app, but some of the new updates kind of stink. I liked the two row colors. I know not everyone will be happy, but maybe add a settings feature? So people can choose how many rows of colors they want and if they wants the upgrades to show or not. I also really really hate the new shading thing. It’s hard to see unless you zoom in closely.


I honestly love this app and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves pixel art. My only problem with it is that it's very hard to get to old pictures. I think they should have a faster way of getting through all the ones that download. Speaking of which I think maybe once a picture is done being colored it should go into the my works section but not in the library section, that way it's easier to get to pictures I haven't colored yet with having to scroll doesn't though all the ones I have done already


You can use sound cloud and it won’t mess up I finish 5 in one day


I love this app! Except I don’t like the way the numbers are laid out when you are coloring a picture. I liked the way it was before the newest update. Other than that I love the app!

Super cute! But too many adds!!!

This app is very cute and you can color anything! But so many adds!!!! Any time I go anywhere on the app, an add pops up! Yeah I know that’s how they make money, but I think it’s a little excessive. But it’s a cool app! 😊

Add more new stuff to color

I also wanna say good work on this app and I really do enjoy it a lot but my most focus thing on this kind of app is to bring in the 100 color spots in one great picture to color!!! And also add in so you are able to make a pic to extend!!!


Is there any way to delete the completed pictures? The app has started crashing and I wonder if it's because there are too many pictures taking up memory. Also, it would be nice if completed pictures would move to the bottom so uncompleted pictures would be at the top. Thanks. I've tried but it's impossible to use it!!!!! I have to delete.😒

New Update

I really love this app, but after the new update, I have been liking it less. I preferred having the boxes a darker shade so I can see where I need to color when zoomed out. Now it’s really difficult to tell where I need to color. I also want the two rows of colors back because I don’t use the bomb and star features. The two rows also helped me know how much I needed to color. Now it is really overwhelming when I see 5+ dots at the bottom.

Great App

It’s a great app and it’s lots of fun, but it would be easier to find the pictures if they were to be put in categories!! Maybe that could be the next update??

Wish the pictures were better

While I still open up this app everyday to see what pictures are available, I'm still really disappointed with the complexity (or lack thereof) of the pictures. I literally just opened up the app tonight and there's a picture with only TWO colors!! I paid a whole bunch of $$$ for a years subscription to "unlock" all the "good" pictures. Well.......so far I'm STILL waiting for those "good" pictures to show up. I feel like there was a "tease" to get people to buy the subscription -- the few pictures that were initially offered were complex, with over 24 different colors. The pictures were a challenge to complete. Now that I paid for the "unlimited" app, the pictures are worthy of a 5 year olds skill level.

My goodness

WOW you are working on this app it works good you need some more apps for each and everyone

Please correct the freezing of this app

I absolutely love spending time doodling on the Pixar Art app. However, I keep experiencing excessive freezing of the app. It is extremely frustrating and limitsvmy desire to access the app. I don’t want to stop using the app. Please fix the problem.


I tried to use the free trial and it ended up charging me for the week subscription? Really?


Can you please change back to the two rowed color menu, the one row kind of overwhelms me... I don’t like it... that’s the only real problem that I have with the game, but please change back to the original color tiles, thank you...

Love it, but...

I love this app and have colored every picture. I like that there are new pictures everyday, and I especially like the pictures that take a long time to color. The app relaxes me. But the recent update took a feature away that made the app easier. When you tap on a color on a color on the bottom, usually the boxes in the picture with that number will get darker and it’s easier for you to spot what you have to color. With the update this doesn’t happen unless you zoom pretty close in on the picture. I would like for the boxes to get darker without having to zoom in on the picture. Also, the panel of colors only has 5 until you have to slide to the next. I prefer it to be 10 colors for easier access. Overall it is a great app, but if you could fix those two things I would appreciate it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Super Happy

Wonderful! Since the new update the app works perfectly as it did before. Thanks so much for taking the time to improve your product :) Much appreciated!

Colorful Fun!

This game is cool!!!!!😀

Pixie an

Hi pixe art I think it a good game but a little bite hard for younger people and players

색칠하는 방법

색칠하는 방법이 전 버전이 더 나아요. 전버전 그림들이 더 선명해요. 돌려주세요 ㅠㅠ.

Love 💕 this app

I really love this app and I rate it a 5 but the new update is not that awesome I want the old one back

Was great...

The app worked great and I loved the game. I downloaded the app update today and now I can’t do more than half a picture before it completely freezes and I have to force close the app to fix it.

Really good app

Love this app but has a glitching problem

Last update

In the last update, it's very hard to find the color, I am waiting for a new update, so, please hurry up

Great for little zen moments

I love this app! It’s the best coloring app I have found, all the others pretty much make you pay for anything good to color. With the app being free AND premium pictures are free to get if you watch an AD for about 30 seconds. Most ADs that come up when going to the menu, etc... have a “skip AD” button so you only have to watch 5 seconds or so, and I love that. The ADs don’t bother me as much as the glitches. My screen won’t move, I can’t color in any of the pixel squares. I usually have to wait a few minutes for the app to catch back up, it’s almost like a game freezing and your character is just stuck there unable to move. It happens so regularly, more often now. I thought it could be due to high internet traffic, but as I’m using the app at 2:30am when most people are asleep, I don’t believe it’s the internet trying to run the ADs. I just updated the app again, so I’m hoping it will reduce the amount that the app “freezes”.

Fun Game But...

this is a fun game but lately if i color a picture for a while it will start to lag and will freeze, and i'll have to restart the app. other than that, it's very enjoyable!

New update keeps freezing!

The latest update keeps freezing. Please fix it!

New update & Lagging

Could you please make the squares darker again. It’s hard to see which ones I still have to color. Also the app is kind of lagging. It start to be really slow after a while. Thank you!!


I hate the new update. Please move the boosters back where they used to be. Considering not playing anymore because of the new placement of them. Really takes away from the enjoyment of the app.

Freezing and delays galore

Loved this app to begin with then along with tons of others if you read the reviews the app started freezing and delaying with certain ads. It was requested I open a ticket. Did that. Sent screenshots. Was told it was fixed. Never was. Still isn’t. So rating this app one star now for the lack of developers knowledge of how this happened considering it didn’t used to do this and also because they can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. It’s just we are working on it please be patient.


Update fixed my lag, except for a few spikes. But can you change the color thing back, as well as make it easier to find a square? Other than that, very fun!

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