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لعبه التلوين

العبه حيللل حلوه بس صعبه حييللل وحق الاذكاء جداا ومتعبه


Awesome place for mindset!

New update too buggy

This app WAS amazing. I was addicted immediately and got a premium subscription. However, after I did the new update, it started getting super buggy. I'll be going along and it's like it just freezes and stops moving the picture or coloring in pixels!! It takes forever to finish a picture now and it's very frustrating. Not at all the calming distraction it has been. If it's not fixed soon I'll have to just cancel my subscription.

That is a excelent app for bratin

I like that app so very much and i think that app will be spread in all countries i the world #Pixel Arts

Great app!!!

I love this app! It is so great! I used to have Sandbox Coloring, but it kept glitching and messing with my iPad. So far, this has not messed with anything. It does not have very many locked pictures, and it has a lot of options. Overall, this is a wonderful app!


This satisfies me, this calms me down and it is relaxing 😌🤤and this is a awesome game so if you are looking 👀 at this review I think 🤔 you should download this game

Pixel Art

This is very relaxing I just wish you could win a chance to open ones that are locked

The new update

Hello I find that this new update was not worth it and made the game very laggy I tried playing for five five minutes and I couldn't even place down colors I think this new update should be removed or updated once more to fix the lag thank you

Please fix issue

The new camera thing is amazing where you turn pictures into art. But it turns the picture grey :( please fix :(

Auto Zoom

Love this but I’m not a fan of the newest update. I utilize the magnifying glass to color large areas quickly, but can we not have or have it toggle on and off, the thing where you hold down on the screen to use the magnifying glass and the whole pic is automatically zoomed it. Absolutely hate that.

Love This Game

I really love this game!! I would totally play this when I am stressed out or if I just want to relax!!!


I love this game I rate it a five star because it’s cool download pikesilart

Oh yeah

Awesome game! Can someone tell me how to drag draw?

More Pictures

I really like this app in fact it’s one of my favorite apps but I have some suggestions like you guys should add more paintings about video games like Mario i know you already have one of Mario but more would be cool like fire flower Mario or star Mario you guys can even add Luigi,bowser,peach and the Mario characters also a little game NES or SNES controllers and also add like a little sonic painting Dr.Eggman from sonic as well and even toad from Mario but hey that’s just some of my suggestions on what you guys can do to make the app better.🙂

The new update is worrisome...

I picked this app up a few months ago and absolutely loved it. I spent hours every night coloring in countless images. The app ran smoothly, and I looked forward to curling up on the couch each night to color. Unfortunately my biggest drawback is since the 3.0 update the app is very sluggish. It become unresponsive for a few seconds every 20-30 seconds. The hitches in performance have really turned me off to want to use it. I check for updates constantly in the App Store hoping there will be more bug and performance fixes, but so far nothing has made it better. I remain hopeful it’ll be resolved, but I’ve found myself avoiding using the app now until those fixes possibly come. Fingers crossed!

Love this but ...

I play this EVERYDAY. I have chronic severe pain and anxiety and this game helps me to focus on it rather than my pain. BUT it keeps sticking. I mean it shuts down and the picture won’t move. Nothing moves. I deleted it ... yes and lost all of my work! Added it again, beginning my work again and still sticking. HELP!

Enjoying pixel art

I'm am so excited about pixel art !

Best Game

This game is good when your are trying to focus . Also if you were in the car on a long trip this is a good game.

Entertaining App

I do enjoy this app very much and I don’t even mind the ads. However there’s one advertisement that’s preventing me from loving this app. The “magic jigsaw puzzles” advertisement seems to freeze up the app every time it comes on. It is very frustrating to have to close and re-open the app every time this ad appears on my screen.

Less adds but amazing

This is an amazing app! I love it, the only thing I would change is less adds, they are where ever you go on the app the adds come on.😤 But the other whys it is awesome!👍

Too slow

The app is fun and calming when it works right, but often the ads slow it down and make the app lag too much to enjoy the game.

Too many ads

But otherwise ok


Calming and relaxing--loving it!!!

Awesome app

This app is awesome

Thank you for this!!

Hi thank you now bye

Get Pixel Art!!!

This app is amazing!! Please get it! Unlike the other apps that are similar, you can take a picture of something and within seconds, it will convert it into pixels that you can color! AMAZING APP! SO ADDICTIVE!


I love this and I love art I even got my little sis to love art so 5 stars!!!!😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄💩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛


Love the game, but I don’t like how almost all the pictures requires premium subscription. I feel I should be entitled to that instead of paying money to you guys.

ahhhhh please read :)

i love this app but sometimes the check mark doesn't appear even though i finished coloring every box.

BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this app but it will make your battery where out.

Great until the update

*updated review: Still super slow since the update. Annoying. Love love love this app... But then I updated it with the 3D pictures and it started crashing and is very very slow. The 3D pics are fun but the app crashes and it requires my device to be connected to the Internet in order to color them. I avoid the ads by disconnecting to the Internet when I color the 2D pictures and it is (used to be) much faster. I just updated the app a couple of days ago and now it crashes whether I'm connected or not to wifi. Please fix the bugs. I absolutely love this app.

Pixel Art

This is the most relaxing and rewarding app I have ever experienced. The way colors are weaved in and out to create the beautiful finished product is fun and amazing! LOVE IT!!

What happened?

I was super addicted to this game up until two days ago when it crashed and refuses to reopen. Help???


I love you so very very much you are the best thing in the world and I love the challenges like the hard coloring and it is a realistic❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this app

There is a lot of other coloring apps but this one is awesome you don't pay or anything the only thing you do is chose a picture and color it


So there are Chinese pictures bc of Chinese New Year but it’s black history month and no black people like what?!?!?🧐🤨



Fun but unfair

I have so much fun on this app and spend a LOT of time playing it! But.... I feel like I should not have to pay money to get all the pictures. But enough about that, I am always on this app and love that there are new pictures everyday. You should really get this app!! It is so addictive and you will come back every day to do the daily puzzles! No other app can surpass this one! SO GET THIS APP!!!!! You will not be disappointed!

Own photos on pixel art

Pixel art is fun but I have seen other people use it and they can draw their own pictures from their photos and when I tried to do that I couldn't because one of my friends said it is a tab on the bottom that has a camera icon that says create but I don't see it

This is a great app

I like this app and it makes me feel like a kid coloring again.

Love it!

Love pixelart

Pixel art is great

I love how some are 3D and I love coloring the things. There are so many. When I grow up I want my kids to play this!!

Put more pictures out

I’ve completed all the pictures and now I’m waiting for more

I used to love it...

I used to love this app, aside from the ads which were far too frequent and drained my battery. However, with the new update came a forced zoom which has ruined the app for me. I used to be able to color large swaths by zooming out and holding down, now when I hold down it forces me to zoom in. The scroll is too slow and jerky for this to work, and it's ruined the app for me. I really hope this is fixed soon, otherwise I will probably be uninstalling.

Great time killer

This game is really well designed and is very soothing to play. I love how you can get everything without a fee

Organization Needed

I like this app a lot, but it gets really exhausting to scroll through pictures I’ve already completed in order to get to blank ones. I would appreciate an organizational update that divides work into “completed” and “blank” sections.

It's so addicting

I Love this game and it's really calms me down

Love this app❤️❤️❤️

I’ve had this app for a month now Its very addicting and I love coloring I just wish you would add more everyday instead of one picture one day and the next day you have added more than just one . Also wish you had like an unlock feature like if you colored so many pictures it would unlock some of the subscription pictures ,not every body can pay the premium prices Just an idea for the future. I would love to see more animals and ocean scenes that would be nice also That’s just my opinion Thanks for a great app!!!!🙏🏻👍

Pixel art is awesome!

This game is so relaxing and helps with anxiety or help relax. I recommend this game because it calms your nerves, relieves stress, and is stress free!

Add me on ps4

This game helped out,in hard times

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