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Great for travels and lay back time

Pixel art is a great game for travels and for relaxing at home or on relaxing on vacation because it is a relaxing game and it calms you down.

Inappropriate Messages

On several occasions this app has shown inappropriate pictures. Cartoons smoking, eggplant referencing to penises, a finger in a hole. I need someone to contact me

Ummm it’s horrible

I’m just kidding thats why I have it rated a five star game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️💜❤️💜❤️

I love it

I have been playing it sense it came out and I have never had a day when I did not play it. YOU CAN BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great down time

I use this app for down time when I don’t really want to think. It has been great also to take along and work on when my husband is driving us somewhere. I really don’t like his driving, this app keeps me busy. Recently, though the app has been freezing up. I have noticed the ads down below stop running which significantly slows the coloring or outright freezes you from continuing. All my other apps are working just fine, hope this kink can be worked out. Happy coloring.

$208 a year? Forget it!

I am deleting this application. Every time you launch it, it tries to get you to agree to a very high-priced subscription. Over $200 a year! No kidding! I would be happy to pay a bit, but these rates are ridiculous! -Charles

Did NOT agree to the payments or terms. Cannot cancel.

I opened the app from a Facebook add to ‘check it out’ for my grandkids. I saw the cost and immediately knew I would not be interested. I clicked OUT of the app and it appears to have signed me up for the ridiculous payments. I WILL find a way out of this. There are plenty of free apps out there.

Charged 2 times

I’ve been charged twice for this app. What’s going on with this?

Pixel art

I love this app. Love the pictures and all the colors. So glad I discovered this App.

Really good

I really like this app but it takes up lots of storage and starts to lag after a while. But still fun

Stranger Things

You should totally add stranger Things to the app. It would be so amazing to have a great show that many people love in this game! 👻

واوووو احلالعبه صراحه


Really addicted

I like it

Love this game!!!

This game is awesome and I love the 3D pictures!

Subscription??!?! Really?? :(

Are you KIDDING? $7.99 per WEEK?? No thanks. I'll just stick to software I can *buy* and OWN, instead of constantly being billed for the "privelege" to use. Money grab. I hate this trend and refuse to support it.


The amount of pics it has is amazing but I wish the coloring would not go so fast.😘


Allow the option to create an account! I had to get a new phone and downloaded this app again only to find that all my works are gone! And apparently it does this every time you delete the app! It’s pointless to do the artwork and pay for the extra art if it’s all just going to disappear after you delete the app.

Premium membership

I love the app but I’m very upset that I have been paying the premium membership and only get the premium game for only 3 days a week. I just cancelled my membership because I’m not really sure why I am always getting the ads.. At $8 a week ,then I just found out it’s $8.50 a week now without being notified about the change at all.... I would really like to speak with someone about this. I am realizing I have spent well over $150 on this game when I’m only premium half of the time...UGH


perfect toilet activity, though it heats up my device very quickly


It’s so fun

Great App! I have a suggestion though

Drains battery awfully fast It would be great if you guys could add a way to sort the my works section. Like you can click a button to say unfinished pictures show up first or 3D pictures show up first. Just because I feel like I have some unfinished pictures that I don’t know where they are. Because every time I use the app like an hour after I use it it says I have 37 notifications from the app. So I think the 37 are unfinished pictures??? I don’t know. But great app overall!!

Greedy much!?

Am I the only one who thinks they’re crazy for wanting $8.00 A WEEK for coloring!? SERIOUSLY!? NO app is worth that. And apparently it’s an act of God and congress to cancel the subscription. Luckily Apple was great, quick and easy with to issue my refund.

Battery Life

I love this app but it really drains phone battery.

I have questions...

I like the app so far and it is my favorite but a question I have is how do u share your work with others like in a text my friend can send me stuff but I can’t. By overall I love this game and keep it up.😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love App!

I have loved this app since I first got it. It was exactly the app I was looking for for coloring. I’m so glad you decided to add the iCloud sync so I can color on multiple devices! However... it still needs some work for that. Sometimes it doesn’t sync right or takes a couple tries of closing the apps and getting back on. Also when it syncs you still have to go click on the picture you have already done and then go back to the library to get those to go away. Please continue to update the iCloud sync!

Nice but the glitches

I like the app but every once in a while it kicks me out. So I’m reinstalling it cuz I wanna give it another chance


My cousin said it was a free app and you didn’t have to pay for it every week like another app that was the same thing $8


A family member introduced this app to me and I fell in love with it! I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while and some are too confusing, weird to color,ect. This is my favorite app that is too addicting and helps pass time. I’ve been showing this app to my friends and they love it! I also love how they frequently update their designs! Ugh, how can an app be this amazing! In love!!!!!❤️

Why do you have to pay for it??☹️👎🏻READ IT!!!

Please change this app.please pls pls


Pixel color is better than regular color by number beacause they only give you three chances to pic color witch is kr-aa-zee but this color by number gives you mutipule times to do it so thank you for hospitality I worship y’all to keep working hard it is worth the wait but don’t update it please

Pixel art

I love this app

Too many ADS

I love this color by number game! the pictures are amazing but, there is only a problem with that, there is way too many ads! I know that u guys have to put in ads because, u guys want to make more money, and I understand that. But, can u guys make not to many ads, u can add a few ads. I always see an ad popping up when I am done coloring a picture. Sometimes, it can be the same ad or a different one. Your app is relaxing but, those ads! the ads can be really annoying. If u guys make another update, please make not too many ads, just make a few that always would not pop up when u are done coloring a picture in, or gonna click a picture to start coloring. I hope u guys can do that! and will one of the Deleloper Response people write to me back? and, PLEASE make a in app purchase to remove the ads.

Why can’t I download the art that I created?

Yeah I can’t download my art that i created so I can share it with my friends but the app by itself is pretty good but help me with the problem please?

Pixel art

This game is seriously so relaxing and if u give some time to it then u can paint maybe one of the big pictures I've had this app for a year now and it's seriously amazing

Pixel art

I got this app I liked it but it keeps on charging me then I deleted the app and it still charging me need to stop charging me for an app that I don’t have 🤬


I like it


I love the app but think it would be nice if unfinished works were moved to the top instead and f having to scroll through them after you have finished a few in my works.

So indicting and so fun

This game is awesome I play it all the time it’s fun almost all of it’s free and great pictures even shows you a time Lapps video at the end and you can take a picture of any thing and turn it into pixel art I totally recommend this game for everyone


If your mom cares about reviews it's a awesome game download it now for free there's really fun things to color and also 3-D stuff Stuff

Great... but one problem

So overall I love this app. They constantly update the images and there’s always something new to do. However, I’ve found one problem with the create part of the app. So I have created a lot of images of people and pics in general, but all the sudden they showed up uncolored and said I had to do they all again. Weird thing is that on my work they were fine. And even when I finished one, if I did another one the previous one would become uncolored again. I really do love my created artwork and hope that my bug can be fixed. Idk if it’s the app or my phone but it’s frustrating trying to figure it out! But either way I still love the app greatly!


I love this app, but its only getting 2 stars because he continually lags and crashes.

Warning pay scam

Warning, by accepting the terms and conditions you are auto-enrolled into an $8 per week subscription (eight bucks per week), and it is prohibitively difficult to find and end the subscription. Avoid


This is a nice, simple relaxing app. I wish there were more complicated pictures and a way to organize the images. It’s hard to scroll through hundreds to find one you like. The price to upgrade. xD $6.99 a week! Honestly I can only laugh. I wouldn’t even pay $6.99/mo. That price should be a one time price to unlock pictures and remove ads. I would invest my money in the app then.


The app is still glitching even after I update my app. It only lets me paint for maybe 1 minute before glitching. FIX THIS.

Love this app.

Love the app, one suggestion though, could you make it to where the already colored pictures are separated from the not yet colored pictures so you don’t have to scroll through everything to get to uncolored pictures?

Great but I have one suggestion 😍

This is a great app I love it so much it’s so relaxing! I have one suggestion it would be really cool if there was a search bar so u could search something u want to color. I think it would be really cool for the search bar to be right above the coloring content🤗

Love the app

I love this app, I color on it about daily, but I’ll be right in the middle of coloring and it will take me to the App Store like I have hit a link and I’ll be trying to color the picture

Great game, but I have a suggestion.

I think that you should add an option where you can draw your own picture and then color it in.

Awesome app

I love love love love this app it has like infinity pictures and they’re awesome :D the only thing I don’t like are the ads if the developer is reading this plz get rid of the ads plz they appear every time I finish a picture :c But beside that u should totally get this app I spend like 3 hours every day on it I like it so much :D Btw if u want 2 get a locked picture u just watch an ad and u can have it thxs for reading my review hope u take my advice! :)

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