Pixel Art - Color by Number App Reviews

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This game is awesome and doesn’t need premium for slot of good picks like colorfly

New update slow and buggy

Please fix the issues with the app that have popped up recently. The app is slow and buggy and crashes frequently now

Pixel art

The only thing I think you should fix is that you are able to erase your mistakes that you should make a eraser so we can erase

Great game, super annoying adds

I love this game, but there is a serious problem with ads.Its very very annoying.

Amazing App

I tried apps like this one in the past, and I was always annoyed by how so many features costed money. When I found this app, I thought at first it was going to be like the rest of them. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the majority of images on here are for everybody, and how often images are added. I could spend hours just coloring with this app. Keep up the new features and updates!

Liked it

At first I loved it all the long coloring was fun, but Now I think I might delete it because there’s only short drawings and all the good ones are locked but It was alright while it lasted

Very happy

I’m a huge fan of this app! Despite the price, I purchased a year long sub and have not been disappointed. There is at least one new picture every day, and some days tons are added. My suggestion: I would love to see an auto timer that tells you how long you spent on each picture. Also, how many incorrect cells were colored. Just some data I’m interested in.

Awesome app

I love this app so much it’s so satisfying when I’m just chillin I totally recommend this app. 💎

Pixel art

I love this app so much 😊

I love pixel art

I love this game i play it everyday 🤳🏻

Need better pics

I’m love this app, but I can’t see my negative comments to critique the app..... seems rigged. This makes me hate it. I’ve spent many hours coloring these pictures, but shady is shady 🤬🤭😑😡😳😱😡😡😡

Best games

This is a really great app for kids and adults

$8 a week?!

Have you people lost your minds?! $24 a month is 1/5 of what i pay for electricity to my home every month. That’s crazy!


The app has been crashing a lot lately, overall it’s a great app

Great game

This is such a fun app I can just sit here for hours just playing it 10 Out of 10

Love it

I genuinely love this app! It is super addictive and runs fantastically. My only real suggestion to improve it would be to make it so that when you complete a picture it moves to a different tab in the tray at the bottom. I find myself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling for what feels like forever to find pictures I have not completed yet.


Es lo mejor


I love to groove and write ❤️.


I love this. I am addicted to it. It is fun, colorful, and relaxing. Excellent. Do yourself a favor and download this game.

Love It

I love that you can upload your own pictures to color! It’s a really great app. It’s definitely better than most of the color-by-number apps that I’ve seen.

Love this app....BUT....

I love this app - have consistently been doing it for months now. I have colored most of the pictures available but some of the harder ones I have not. I gotta be in the mood to sit for hours working on one picture!!! I agree with other reviewers here that it is THE best coloring app. Ive tried others and after 10 minutes delete them because of the vibrating and having to redo a cell that I colored wrong. Annoying. I am obsessed with this one. I don’t mind the ads at all. BUT the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is for two reasons. 1. I wish there was a way to sort out the finished pictures in the library and separate them from the unfinished pictures. I know in the “my works” section they are all finished but when I go to look for a new unfinished picture, I have to scroll forever to find one. Once they are done, move it to the my works area. Then it would be much easier to start a new picture. 2. I do this game so much and I love the daily pictures, but why is there only one some days? I want WAY more!! Lol. Not to be greedy but I get disappointed when there’s one or two new ones. More!!! Then I either have to try to scroll through forever to get a new one, or just forget coloring for the day. I’m not sure what the process is to get or make new pictures but I really hope you can add a lot soon. Thanks - from a crazy obsessed coloring mom. Lol

Great app

I love it !

Pixel Art!

Fun, easy, relaxing!

Great Fun!

LOVE this game! Unfortunately it is addictive!!!!


I HATE THIS APP!!! I GAVE IT A CHANCE AND IT RUINED ME!!!! It supports awful things, WAY to many ads and HORRIBLE sensitivity! So vulgar and glitchy I bought a new iPhone recently and put this on it and it crashed immediately! It’s horrible.. If you are planning to download for your kid or something. Do at your own risk! Would never buy again.

A fun art game by sweet pea Katherine

Do you like drawing then go to the App Store and buy pixels art there’s numbers on each drawing of art and you have a painting pad with the same numbers on it Mach each number together when your pad have all of its checks look at your painting that you just made you can chose another one and you could keep going along you can also restart your picture any time if you like you can also continue the more you play it play the more you play it the funner it will be cuz your talent is my talent and my talent is your talent the games we share the exiting and joyful playfulness and happynes it will be it’s a very fun game he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he

Sooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooolllllll

This game is soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful app

i’ve tried many different pixel color by number apps and this is BY FAR the best one. so stress relieving and fun to color the pictures. what are you waiting for?? download this app!!!

Con app

They don’t tell you that you have to pay 7.99 per week after 3days of having the app if I knew that I would’ve just gone to my local drug store gotten a Frozen coloring book and borrowed my cousins crayons 🤷‍♀️

اللعبه حلوه


Love it but

Love the app just wish completed puzzles moved out of library and into my artwork completely. Would make it easier to see what I haven’t done instead of having to scroll through a hundred puzzles looking for one to do.

3D and no 3D

By Addison Jenkins. Color FREE coloring takes you everywhere!

ad freezes the app

whenever the solitaire ad shows up while i’m coloring, it freezes the screen and i’m unable to move the picture, color, and slide to a different color at the bottom. hopefully this is fixed with the next update

Why is the quality of the pictures so bad suddenly

The quality of the pictures you’ve been coming out with recently are terrible. I barely use the app anymore because of this & im thinking about deleting it. They look like something out of an 80’s video game. I like actual pictures & drawings way better than those

Keeps closing

Usually a really good and fun app but it’s keeps randomly closing itself

Great app BUT.......

I love this app but all of the completed art should go into a separate folder so you don’t have to waste SO much time scrolling through everything to find something to color. Also there are way too many ads!!!!!! Premium price is way too high!!

About the update...

I absolutely love this game and play it almost every time I'm on my iPad. I'm happy about the create your own pic option and use it all the time! The thing about the new update; I don't mind the new font for the numbers but the animation that occurs when you click a square is, to me, kind of annoying compared to how it was before, brisk and easy with none whatsoever. Even if you don't change this, at least change the fact that it waits until the animation is over to show you if you're done with that number, because it's a bit annoying. Even if you don't change either of these things, I still enjoy the game a lot! Also: I have pressed the update button twice already for this app, but whenever I come back to the App Store it says it still needs an update?! I don't know why or how to fix it, and I really don't want to delete the app and have to delete all my pictures I've already made and done? Help?

Love it

I love this game so much

Not Impressed

I used to love this app and would use it constantly, but now all it does is glitch out and freeze. I keep holding out in hopes it’ll be fixed, but I’m starting to think having it on my phone is just a waste.


It took me like five minutes and also it was so awesome and cool you should try it or if you don’t have the game you should download this game.😁😜 So amazing you should it is so so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love it!

Fun coloring, very addictive. It’s great! You should try it!

Love this game

I am always playing this game. It’s so amazingly addicting

I like it

I like this app. Too many ads though.


I like this app because it helps you calm down

Pixel art

I really love it!!!! It is so awesome!!!!

Great Game But wish something

I love the game but if it was like the old one it would be cool were they had princesses and knights and that stuff and leave the 3D it is awesome


Best color by number I’ve came across. I have everything colored that they’ve posted so far.

I love this app

I love this app, it reduces stress just to color, I do wish that there were more than one new pic a day, some days there are more but... not enough and please add more difficult ones

I love it but I have a suggestion.😁

I love this app it has so many cool pictures but I wish I could have a search bar so it would be easier to find the kind of pictures I was to color. Other than that I love it !!

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