Pixel Art - Color by Number App Reviews

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Good game but adds!

The game itself is super fun but every time I get in or out of a drawing there’s an add! It’s so annoying!

One Suggestion

Loving your app but not able to have the subscription. It would be nice to be able to purchase a single picture.

It’s Amasing

3D and 2D That’s my fav.. Modes

It is awesome

I love this game and have had it for almost a year. It is extremely addictive and always has something new to color. Some things you have to buy but there is a pretty big selection on now purchase images. Using your camera is fun so you can ( without purchase) use your own pictures to color. In conclusion if you don’t have this app you should get it right now.👍

Idk man

I love this the only thing I have a prob with is that the ‘create your own’ setting isn’t in color that’s all

Game time

This game is amazing you should get it

Pixel art

I love this app! It provides hours of endless fun!

It’s great and it has 3-D

The game is great but I think there could be one thing they might want to change. Once you start one you can delete it on accident like what say you worked on it then you stopped working on it and you go back to it and it that there’s this thing that you get to pick if you want to continue or just delete in on accident want to type it delete and I just deleted my games no I mean artwork on accident and I got really mad that’s why I started doing the one I hadn’t deleted good things about the game I like doing artwork a lot of artwork so I get to just come on here and do art work every morning it’s fun really fun it finally has 3-D like I am so happy that it finally has 3-D so if you purchase the game to find one of those 3-D dogs or 3-D something

Fix needed please

I love everything about this app except for that it makes my iPod's battery run low super fast I wonder if any other people have this problem or it's just me?


I love this app, but I think finished works should be removed from the library and left just in “My Works”. It’s annoying having to scroll down to find one I haven’t done yet.

$7.99 a week?!

I was unaware that this app charged you so much to use it. I was never informed that I was going to be charged $7.99 each week to play a game. Had I known, I never would have downloaded. The app never prompted me to sign up for a subscription, and yet when I checked my bank account, I was missing so much money that I cannot afford to lose. This is unacceptable and you need to refund my money immediately.

Love to color

I enjoy seeing the colors come together making a beautiful picture.


This app is like the bomb you should really get it this app has amazing pictures and you can create your own now who wouldn't love that at all peace my lovas😇😇😜😜🤗🤗😋😋


This app is amazing I can't believe the same developers of Colorfly made this! I have no other words than great job I'm speachless..

The good thing about pixel art...

The good thing about Pixel Art is that you can just color by number! ( ^ v ^ ) Love 💝 ❤️ 💗 💕, ( ^ v ^ ) #PixelArt❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Love it

Very relaxing and easy to do at night when I'm tired. Or just wanting something fun to do. I'm hooked.


Just pop in some headphones and boop in all the colors (:

Great but uses a lot of battery

I love this app but when I’m using it too many ads pop up and it drains my battery so quickly. I’ll be on 100% but by the time I’m finished with one harder picture it’s on like 62%. It’s great but wouldn’t recommend unless you’re close to an outlet

I can’t stop

And I won’t stop.

Update please!!!!

I absolutely enjoy this app!!! But I need an update to where if I go to open the app then I shouldn’t have to scroll down the line almost 10 min to find something I haven’t colored. I should be able to scroll quicker or the ones I’ve colored shouldn’t be at the top of the screen anymore. Please update soon!!!

I like it but..

I like this game but my phone keeps having these tapping glitches. Please fix

I have an idea. Also the game is good

My idea is that you have something called a paint holder, where you could color one color, then the other holder you could color a different one. See what I mean? If you don’t, you’re basically allowed to Color more than one at a time. You get the total amount of colors, then you split the number in half. They are in two buckets. You tap on them and see the colors in it. Then, you could color, instead of searching for the rights colors and messing up. Plus the game is great, I just wish when you do the wrong number or color in 3D, it goes away. But on regular, it colors it but still shows the number and keeps it lighter than the original color. I want the same for both 3D and regular. But 5 star bonus 1 star for an idea! That means you would get six stars if it was possible.


I absolutely love this app but I couldn’t keep it in my phone because it drained my battery pretty quickly and made my phone hot.


To many ads and if u don’t want them u have to pay, I would recommend sandblox no ads. They have an option but u have to pay Sandblox is free.

marketing techniques...

I’m not thrilled by the fact you tell people complaining about ads, to purchase premium, but tell people complaining about price not to upgrade. Is there any chance the cost per month could lower? Even if it’s just a few dollars..

Love this app except one thing

I love this app! The only thing I would change is once you complete an art it should come off the “library” page because it will already show up in “my work”. This way you only see what you haven’t done yet and don’t have to scroll forever



Great Game

Very relaxing app. I love the different types of pictures they give you to color.

Its very addicting!!

I would like to see it where once you complete one of the pic it goes to the my works page and come off the main page. Having to scroll way down to the other pics is a bit annoying. Overall great game!!!🤙🏻


I love this app! The colors and how you can take your own pic and color them. I love this app! Get Get GET IT !!! 👏👏👏😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️😃


I enjoy the game since it’s so relaxing and fun. However, since the recent update the game will freeze up and close out frequently. I hope this gets fixed because I can’t play it now since it shuts off so often.

Amazing but...

Ok I simply love this game it is amazing but I know this sounds weird they use to much blue almost all the pics have blue blue is a good color don’t get me wrong but really I think the amount of blue is a little much

amazing 😉

I love this app so much it is totally addictive and I definitely recommend it for road trips After a while it can get boring if you play it to long but I loved it while it lasted

Great but.....

$8/week for this app? That’s $416/year. That is utterly ridiculous. Would I pay for this app? Yes. Would I do a subscription for this? No a chance in...


This is awesome

Pixel Art

I downloaded the trial and now I’m being charged for the app. I deleted it before my time ran out! I don’t know how to get in touch with anyone to make sure it stops charging me! Please help!!!

Awesome app

My friend has this app and I didn’t tell her but I was kind of interested 😇😇😇

Awesome! But...

This app is totally amazing and I think so far it's much better than all the other pixel coloring apps. Even though I love the app, I have some suggestions to make the app better. 1: I think there should be categories of what you want to pixel color because it's very random and I think it needs to be more specific so that when you are trying to find the right picture you can find it without scrolling all the way down to find what you are looking for. 2: I believe there should be more pictures because when I want to find a good picture to color I can never find it. I want more pictures of fashion or baking things. And more pictures of animals. Thanks for reading this! ~Rose🌹✌️😊

Price is way to high!!!

I love this app it’s wonderful! I could spend hours on it, but the price is outrageous!! $7.99/week there is no way I will pay this much for a coloring app!


Thanks for listening to my suggestion I may say more suggestions but I just wanted to say thanks and that your game is awesome

Fun game

Its a really fun game but there’s so many ads and the merge dragons ad comes up you can’t click a button to make it go away you have to literally close the whole app and then restart


Update to my previous reviews......had rated the app 4 stars but now I give it a -1. I have not yet received the last six pix on iPad that I have on my iPhone. I would love to rate this app as a 5 or even 5+ but I have encountered nothing but problems with this app and just when I think everything is working correctly more problems crop up. My question is do I have to pay for 2 yearly subscriptions to have them on my mini iPad and iPhone?


This app is REaLLY fun and calming 💕💕(love it )💕💕


App says free but it automatically charges you $7.99 a week!!!! Don’t buy

You guys are the best app ever I play it all the time pixel art rockcs🦄🦄🦄


A great game

This is a game that can keep you busy or interested for hours months days minutes seconds, for example when I’m at my dads barber shop I play this game soon enough it is all done my dad is done getting his hair cut but another fun part is that you get to show off to your friends, for example my brother and I have a contest to see who’s done the most pictures and some of them are so cute.they also make great gifts!But if your ever board than you should definitely try this game

I like pixel art

I like pixel art skit because you get to color different pictures and use different colors in the app bye I like this app 👍🏻🤗🙂

Good app, kids battery

I really enjoy using this app, but it kills my battery quicker then any other app I have. A few suggestions: -Have all tiles start out white instead of varying colors of grey so that it’s harder to tell what the picture is until it’s finished (most for the full page pictures) - Have the number of each color in the box with the colors of the bottom and have the number count down as they are filled in


This app is AMAZING! I loose my stress and that’s good too because I have a state test

More addictive then expected but...

This app is a lot of fun, there is a great selection of pictures and it's very easy to use. I found it quite addictive. I opened two locked pictures by watching a video but it now wants me to upgrade to premium. I understand that and I'd be happy to but the pricing is absolutely crazy!! $8 a week!!! They do offer discount for larger but it's $70 and you only get a year. I'd be willing to pay $8 to unlock the entire app maybe a little more but that price is just outrageous. That's why I have the lower star level.

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